Yinhe 970XX K Kevlar Carbon

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The exclusive Yinhe 970XX K offensive blade provides irresistible attacking power and superior ball feel.

The combination of selected koto wood layers and Kevlar Carbon material gives you enough speed for a powerful and uncompromising attack. With the Yinhe 970XX K blade, you can always speed up the flight of the ball and successfully complete the point draw with a powerful and accurate hit to the desired point on the table.

The Yinhe 970XX K blade is also suitable for defensive play. It goes well with pips out rubbers of all kinds.

The choice of wood layers and their combination with Kevlar-Сarbon gives an amazing feeling of the ball and the highest control.

Category: OFF
Number of layers: 5 wood + 2 kevlar carbon
Weight: about 85grams

Yinhe 970XX K Kevlar CarbonEnlarge  Yinhe 970XX K Kevlar CarbonEnlarge  Yinhe 970XX K Kevlar CarbonEnlarge 

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