VT G8 – Table Tennis Blade

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Fast blade for attacking players, designed with balsa. This blade is faster than the VT G7 blade.

The layers of wood in the blade VT G8 are selected in such a way in order to provide different ball bounce rates on different sides of the blade. The use of basswood under the outer layer of anegri veneer gives improved ball control on that side. This provides a number of game advantages, for example, you can play the backhand slower with more control, and the forehand faster and more powerful.

The construction of the blade is 7 layers with a core made of balsa. In addition, the use of a layer of basswood and a layer of walnut allows you to reduce the influence of balsa and get an improved ball feel. The VT G8 blade is ideal for an active defensive playstyle (with a powerful attack on the forehand) or for a combined playstyle with a block on the backhand and an attack on the forehand. Unlike many other combination blades, the VT G8 has standard dimensions.

Excellent gaming performance, reasonably light weight and excellent value for money are embodied in the VT G8 blade.

The blade is hand made using a special gluing technology. The result is superior ball feel, durability and blade strength.

The surface of the blade is covered with a layer of varnish for reliable protection and to prevent fiber pulling out and chips. The handle of the blade is uncoated and made of oak wood.

Forehand speed OFF: 95
Forehand control OFF: 92
Backhand speed DEF: 80
Backhand control DEF: 94
Blade thickness: 7.7mm
Structure: limba - walnut - walnut - balsa - linden - linden - anegri
Blade size: 151mm x 158mm
Closest analogue: Giant Dragon Kris 2
Many players are trying to find a Giant Dragon Kris 2 blade and we decided to release a VT G7 blade that would suit this style of play and be very similar to Giant Dragon Kris 2.

VT G8 – Table Tennis BladeEnlarge  VT G8 – Table Tennis BladeEnlarge  VT G8 – Table Tennis BladeEnlarge  VT G8 – Table Tennis BladeEnlarge  VT G8 – Table Tennis BladeEnlarge 

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