Sauer Troeger Super Stop

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Never again be sensitive to rotation and cutting!

The Super Stop is with approx. 22 grams an absolute lightweight among the rubbers. The top rubber is only slightly roughened and very thin. In terms of color, the black-gray top rubber of the Anti-Top is the opposite of the sponge, which has a bright yellow color. Both the top rubber and the sponge are to be classified as rather hard for an Antitop. The Super Stop is available in the sponge thicknesses 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm.

For the Anti-Top beginner:
Due to its slightly roughened, hard top rubber, the Super Stop is very suitable for starting with an Anti-Top. It is much more controlled to play than a smooth Anti-Top.

This is how the Super Stop plays:
The Super Stop removes the entire rotation from the ball.

You will experience an incomparable control while playing with the slow, easy to grip Antitop. The rotation is completely neutralized and passive balls can be played extremely safely. When you tap the ball aggressively over the table, the Super Stop also develops a strong rotation. The cut of the opponent is simply taken over and strengthened by small, fast movements in the forearm. Due to its moderate speed, it is no problem for the Antitop to play back powerful shots in a controlled manner. The ball then flies with a very flat curve to the opponent’s side. In addition, the Super-Stop manages to play the ball half-long on your opponent’s half of the table, which makes it difficult for him to fully attack the ball.

In attacking play, pressing the ball against undercuts and especially the side wipers are very dangerous.

Sauer Troeger Super StopEnlarge  Sauer Troeger Super StopEnlarge  Sauer Troeger Super StopEnlarge 

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