SANWEI Pistol Q2 Revolver

SANWEI Pistol Q2 RevolverEnlarge

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Innovative company Sanwei invented, patented and produced this remarkable pistol grip all wood blade. This blade is for right- handed players only.

Pistol grip is one of the most simple, natural and stable way to hold anything requiring power and precision actions.

There is a 10 degree vertical angle between the handle and the blade surface resulting better playing angle for both forehand and back hand. It also reduces the wrist-turning motion required.

The grip makes the blade the natural extension of your forearm. The middle finger should go through the hole and the index finger on the back side of the blade for fine adjustment and control.

It has been predicted that some day a world champion will be playing with this grip. This blade SANWEI Pistol Q2 Revolver also makes a great gift for any table tennis enthusiasts or collectors.

Last but not least is that you will be the focus of attention in any matches no matter win or loss and will be remembered by playing this blade.

Category: ALL+
5 plies Wood
Weight: around 90g

SANWEI Pistol Q2 RevolverEnlarge  SANWEI Pistol Q2 RevolverEnlarge 

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