PALIO Power Dragon Biotech – pips out rubber

PALIO Power Dragon Biotech – pips out rubberEnlarge

Due to a special form of the pips and unique technology of friction ratio increasing – Pana-Tetra the developers has created PALIO Power Dragon. These attacking pips of a new generation allow playing with high spins.

With these pips you can easily perform top spin and loop, which will bring your opponents a lot of problems.

In comparison with PALIO Flying Dragon attacking pips PALIO Power Dragon is faster and more dynamic.

Besides, the rubber PALIO Power Dragon has a perfect control. Feel the power and a high control playing near the table and in the middle zone with attacking pips PALIO Power Dragon.

Speed: 12
Spin: 10
Control: 9++

PALIO Power Dragon Biotech – pips out rubberEnlarge 

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