PALIO Energy 06 Carbon – Table Tennis Blade

PALIO Energy 06 Carbon – Table Tennis BladeEnlarge

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PALIO Energy 06 is a fast attacking blade with excellent ball control. PALIO Energy 06 has a unique 8-layer construction, which provides the opportunity for a variety of attacking table tennis. The special selection of layers of wood in a design of the blade of PALIO Energy 06 allows to receive high speed at very good feeling of a ball.

PALIO Energy 06 allows you to easily put strong pressure on the opponent due to a variety of attacks, easily varying the various technical elements.

Despite the rather low price, the PALIO Energy 06 base will in no way concede to the expensive blades from well-known brands.

Category: OFF+
Construction: 3 layers of wood
Blade thickness: 7.2mm
Speed: 94
Control: 88

PALIO Energy 06 Carbon – Table Tennis BladeEnlarge 

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