Kokutaku 110 (medium pips)

Kokutaku 110 (medium pips)Enlarge

Kokutaku 110 is medium pips, which are capable to create significant disadvantages for your opponent at the expense of unpredictable and strange rebound of the ball.

Kokutaku 110 allows playing in controllable aggressive attacking style. You can play topspin and create spins with it. The ball after stroke with Kokutaku 110 goes on sinking curve, making ball reception very difficult and uncomfortable for your rival.

If you play with short pips and want to add more deception effect to your game, then Kokutaku 110 is an excellent choice for you. Kokutaku 110 is a good combination of deceptive properties of long pimples and offensive possibilities of short pips.

Speed: 13
Spin: 12
Control: 12
Hardness: New Special soft 35-38

Kokutaku 110 (medium pips)Enlarge 

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