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A rubber, just returning the ball to other end of the table... passively... avoiding the effect of the spin, is no longer sufficient. Your opponent used to target your anti-side, as he could easily recognize the spin from your old fashioned Anti. For new generation of defensive or attacking players who prefer anti rubber and and are hungry for championships, this rubber is essential: NeoAnti.

NeoAnti is made with three significant characterics: extremely elastic surface of anti spin material, the specially produced sponge and new "Power-Add-On" formula.

The result of this "Super combination" is a rubber that kills spin of the opponent's service and tricky play, and with hard impact the rubber produces the spin longed for by anti players of the new generation. In combination with the special sponge developed by JUIC laboratory, you will feel the touch of the ball on your NeoAnti from catching to leaving.

Play active with JUIC NeoAnti.

Made in Japan.

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