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This high-grade rubber that means an advanced weapon for all table tennis players. Explosive force, high elasticity, high speed, good stickiness very strong spining, easy control, superb and long lasting stable properties. It is widely used, suitable for all players of all strokes, specially for those who fast attack and drive loops.

One of the reasons for the Chinese Table Tennis Team standing in the forefront of the world table tenns circles and not falling into a decline for several decades is attributed to an advance weapon.

The high quality sponge rubber of this brand is the best table tennis appliance for international games approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. Its main features are strong explosive force, high elasticity, fast speed, egough reserve strength, very strong spinning, stable catch, easy control and lastingly stable properties.

Therefore, it takes the fance of vast numbers of table tennis players, suitable for players of all strokes. It is really a powerful weapon for excellent table tennis players to scale new heights in winning the world champion.

Made in China.

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