TSP ASICS GEL-Cyberspeed 2 Table Tennis Shoes

TSP  ASICS GEL-Cyberspeed 2 Table Tennis ShoesEnlarge

The latest ASICS development, connects high performance technologies, trendsetting developments and an exciting design.

The established Multicourt GEL-System adjusts to any kind of gym floor and guarantees optimal control for the player.

The new shoe, equipped with the unique gel-technology sole, fits perfectly. When playing on a hard underground, the dampening releases, when playing on a soft underground, the dampening effect will be reduced and makes it most convenient no matter where you play.

I.G.S. - System (Impact Guidance System) is the complete shoe concept with new, revolutionary „non-marking“ sole. This system with different EVA and SpEVA elements has especially been developed for short, fast movements and abrupt changes in direction by indoor sports.

Even if you play hard, the new Fresh-Air technology provides a comfortable feeling, because your feet can „breathe“. The clamminess, which is produced by sweaty feet, will be absorbed by the new ultra mesh material.

Extra support for the heels is provided by the P.H.F technology (Personal Heel Fit). The special Memory-Foam material adjusts to your feet perfectly. You will have an extraordinary feeling while wearing the shoes.

TSP  ASICS GEL-Cyberspeed 2 Table Tennis ShoesEnlarge 

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