RITC 837 OX (without sponge)

RITC 837 OX (without sponge)Enlarge

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Thickness and color:

  • Great for almost all defensive styles
  • Can generate attack
  • Easy to master
  • Can throw Knuckle ball effect
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved

    Speed: 6
    Spin: 6
    Control: 7
    Deception: 2
    Staff Notes (Origin www.zeropong.com): If you want to learn a long-pip game this is the rubber to use. 837 is very easy to master. 837 has excellent control for a long-pip, and has enough spin to generate very tough backspin chop. 837 is NOT very deceptive, it can hit a knuckle ball for some deception but it otherwise is very predictable. 837 handles serve reception great, a light block or chop will send most spinney serves back. Block vs. topspin can be open or closed; the open shots will bounce high so make them deep.

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