JUIC 999 Elite ULTIMA (Japan)

JUIC 999 Elite ULTIMA (Japan)Enlarge

Fantastic! The new JUIC Ultima high tension sponge is combined with the very popular spinny and fast JUIC 999 Elite topsheet to produce this 100% Made-In-Japan masterpiece! With the 40mm ball, the revolution is on, requiring players to find the best equipment to compensate for longer rallies and heavier and bigger balls.

For rubber, this means having more softness, lightness, and speed, which is provided eloquently by JUIC 999 Elite Ultima with its 10% lighter than normal sponge. Combined with the fast, tacky, and spinny 999 Elite topsheet, you obtain the perfect combination for speed, spin and control for the 40mm ball.

Made in Japan.

JUIC 999 Elite ULTIMA (Japan)Enlarge  JUIC 999 Elite ULTIMA (Japan)Enlarge 

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