DAWEI Inspirit Quatro Ultralight Soft 35 degrees

DAWEI Inspirit Quatro Ultralight Soft 35 degreesEnlarge

A special version rubber (with a soft sponge - 35 degrees) gives you an excellent control.

The topsheet is thinner, letting the ball sink in with a great catapult effect, generating more spin than the regular Inspirit Quattro. Reviews of this rubber have been very positive.

The new Dawei Inspirit Quattro UL has a built-in speed glue effect so you can be ready for the speed glue ban. People are saying that it has a 10-20% increase in speed over the regular Dawei Inspirit without speed glue. This is definitely a great product for those who are on a budget and can't afford to put out $30-50 per sheet of rubber.

Quattro created a maximum effect of speed glue inside the rubber, but it's 100% without speed glue to take more effect, more control, more power. Although the sponge is softer, it take you more effect of first speed and second speed unimaginably. It's suitable for offensive and technique style.

Inspirit Quattro UL is designed specially for attacking and technique player. It without any speed gluing demonstrates more powerful performance than any rubbers normally glued. Extra consistency and precision greatly improve the success rate of technical strokes in the high speed and technique game.

Adoption to Quattro may take a few days of practice, because the power from the maximized built-in speed is far beyond your experience.

Origin: http://www.dawei-inspirit.com/

Speed: 10+
Spin: 9
Control: 9

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