Palio AK 47 Blue – Table Tennis Rubber

Palio AK 47 Blue – Table Tennis RubberEnlarge

Palio AK 47 Blue is an offensive tensor rubbers with a perfect ball’s control. It is perfectly suitable for attacking game with a high precision. Its properties in no way lags behind German/Japanese tensor rubbers.

The sponge of Palio AK 47 Blue is quite soft (38-40 degrees). It provides a perfect elasticity and inner spring power.

During the manufacturing process the sponge of Palio AK47 undergoes a special treatment. As a result, the rubber has inbuilt tensor effect and during the stroke arises a catapult effect which accelerates the ball.

A top sheet is quite tacky and elastic and provides a high level of control.

Palio AK 47 Blue – Table Tennis RubberEnlarge 

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